Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Exterior Makeovers for Your Residential Property

Exterior Makeovers for Your Residential Property

Hire the contractors at Trinity Construction & Painting Inc to refresh your home's exterior. We have over 15 years of experience completing high quality exterior painting in a timely manner, satisfaction guaranteed. Call us today for a FREE estimate and ask about how you can get one room painted free with any exterior painting project. 

What to Expect When We Paint Your House

Your home will be pressure washed 3-7 days prior to painting

We protect your landscaping with drop clothes

Exterior carpentry is completed by request

Joints are caulked to prevent moisture intrusion

The house is primed according to specifications

Your home is painted with brushes, rollers, or sprayed

We remove any peeling paint and scrape or sand needed areas and collect any debris

When the job is done we inspect the house to make sure it was painted correctly and the site is clean

At the end of each day we leave the site neat and orderly